Examining The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Bay Windows

Bay WindowIn the previous guide in this series, we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of awning windows, in this Windows Price Guide we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of bay windows.

Bay windows are one of the most costly types of replacement windows you can buy, this is owing to their overall size and construction. Similar to bow windows, bay windows are usually made up from 3 to 5 main sections which are fitted at 30 – 90 degree angles to one another. Bays will usually have 2 or more top openers and then 2 side openers to the left and the right of the installation, although the side openers are more commonly installed in upstairs locations for security reasons.

Bay windows are usually constructed from a series of casement, single or double hung windows placed into the one installation. They are commonly seen in the largest rooms of the home, often in sitting rooms and bedrooms.

The Advantages Of Bay Replacement Windows

As we’ve previously mentioned, all windows have their disadvantages and advantages, bay windows are no different. The following are advantages of the bay window installation:

  • Add space to the home
  • Add value to the home
  • Provide good ventilation and natural light

Add Space To The Home

Bay windows are installed in an outward protruding shape, this means that the floor space of the room they’re installed within, increases by up to 3 feet in length. This ads a great feeling of additional space to the room and allows for extra storage. Bay windows are also quite aesthetically pleasing to look at from inside and outside the home.

Add Value To Your Home

As mentioned above, bay windows are attractive to look at, they offer extra space and they add light into your room, these positives alone add value to your home when you come to sell it.

Provide Good Ventilation & Light

Bay windows, owing to their overall size, allow large amounts of natural light into the space within which they’re installed. Where the bay installation has side openers and top openers to it they also allow good ventilation into the room.

The Disadvantages Of Bay Replacement Windows

Whilst bay windows are brilliant windows to add value and light to your home, they also have their disadvantages:

  • Provide an avenue for natural light
  • Can lead to structural issues

Provide An Avenue For Natural Light

Allowing natural light into the home is an advantage, however if you don’t have the right energy efficiency glass protection against solar heat gain (SHG) then this can also cause problems, particularly where the bay installed is large. Whilst the addition of energy-efficient glass can be more expensive, it’s more beneficial in the long run, both in the summer months and the winter months.

Can Lead To Structural Issues

When bay windows are installed, it’s essential that the structure above them is well supported throughout the entire process, this is usually achieved with the use of 2 or more steel supports. It’s also paramount that the right bay windows are installed for the structure, since some bay windows are load bearing and you will need to make sure the bays installed have load bearing strength. Failure to ensure that the above two things are achieved can lead to serious building damage or in worse cases, collapse.

With bay windows it’s recommended that you avoid a DIY installation and get a quote from one of our registered and approved local window contractors.

The next article in our series will examine the advantages and disadvantages of basement replacement windows, stay tuned for more or subscribe to our RSS feed for immediate updates as they happen.

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