Examining The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Awning Windows

Awning WindowThis is the first in a series of Windows Price Guides in which we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of window replacements. In this Windows Price Guide article we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of awning replacement windows.

There are several different types of replacement windows available for you to buy, awning are just one of those types. Awning windows are often compared with casement windows, casement windows being ones which pivot on their side edge and awning windows being ones which pivot on their top edge.

Awning windows are one of the less popular types of window, mainly owing to their overall limited uses in homes. The decision to use an awning window, unlike most windows, is not dictated by the cost of the windows, but more by the location within your home, where the window is to be installed. Awning windows are most commonly installed where space is an issue, they are installed most often inside cupboards, cloakroom and single wash rooms.

The Advantages Of Awning Replacement Windows

Like all windows, awning windows have both their advantages and their disadvantages, the main advantages include:

  • Providing an attractive and stylish look to your home
  • Providing good air ventilation
  • Providing all weather protection
  • Providing a good secure opening
  • They’re cheap to buy

Providing An Attractive And Stylish Look To Your Home

Awning windows are generally quite stylish, they have hinges to the top side of their frame and open outwards from the top. This creates a fresh and stylish look.

Providing Good Air Ventilation

If privacy is a concern then awning windows are a great solution, since they can be installed in high places where other windows wouldn’t fit. This allows you to get light and ventilation into a room, without compromising privacy.

Providing All Weather Protection

Due to the way awning windows open, they are good at providing good ventilation and light whilst still protecting the inside of your home from the bad weather outside. Traditional casement windows, when left open, will allow light and air in, but will not prevent things like rain water entering your home. However, because awning windows open outwards and upwards, you can leave the window open whilst it’s raining without letting rain into your home.

Providing A Good Secure Opening

Awning windows are usually installed high up on the wall, they are also quite small in comparison to most other types of window, this means awning windows are relatively secure against break-ins, whilst still allowing light and ventilation into your home.

They’re Cheap To Buy

The cost of awning windows is relatively cheap, usually between $350 and $500 installed, depending on the size of the window unit.

The Disadvantages Of Awning Replacement Windows

Some of the advantages of awning windows also lead to the disadvantages we’re about to outline below:

  • Unsuitable for parts of the home where external walkway traffic is high
  • Maintenance and cleaning may be a challenge
  • Escape may be hard

Unsuitable For Parts Of The Home Where External Walkway Traffic Is High

If your home is situated directly on the side of a walkway or public right of way, then having an opening window onto that walkway may not be permitted by your local council. This is a particular problem for ground floor apartments.

Maintenance And Cleaning May Be A Challenge

Due to the way awning windows open outwards and upwards, they are exposed to surface run-off and rainwater far more than other window types, this makes them more susceptible to dirt and grime, requiring more frequent cleaning. On higher levels, such as on the first floor of your home, reaching the external surface of the awning window maybe an issue without the use of step ladders or scaffolding.

Escape May Be Hard

Building regulations require that you have a certain number of designated fire escape windows in the upper floors of your home, specific requirements are available from your local authority. Due to the small size of awning windows, their location of installation and the way in which they open, escape from them may be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Whilst this is good from a security perspective, it’s not so good if you need to escape from your home in an emergency, such as a fire. So, you should choose very carefully where you have awning windows installed. We advise speaking to a local contractor for guidance or for a free awning window quote.

In the next article in this series, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of bay replacement windows, stay tuned for that.

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