A Guide To Buying Replacement Windows In Michigan, MI

replacement windows michigan

If you’re looking for replacement windows in Michigan then we’ve got a concise guide on the page below to help you when buying replacement windows in the Michigan area.

One of the most important factors involved in the choice of windows you go for is the overall window replacement cost, so saving money is an essential aspect in all home window replacement projects.

The amount of money you will be able to save on your window replacement project and on your energy bills in the long-term will really depend upon which U.S state you currently live in. However, the main point is that you can save money just by following the information provided below.

Choose Energy Star Rated Windows In Michigan & Save

The best way of saving money on your replacement windows in Michigan is to buy an Energy Star rated window product, you can find out all about what Energy Star rated products offer in particular in our guide on understanding Energy Star rated windows.

In short though, Energy Star rated products are strictly tested and found to meet specific standards set out by the Department Of Energy and the National Fenestration Rating Council. This makes the certified replacement window products far more energy efficiency for homes when compared with non-certified ones.

Thus, manufacturers are able to offer discounts on these products in order to encourage sales volume, furthermore as a consumer you are likely to save money on your energy bills over time as a result of installing an Energy Star rated product. The potential savings for window products in the Michigan state area can be seen below.

The type of criteria used to assess each product for the Energy Star rating will differ depending upon which state you live in. In particular it’s the climate of each particular state which is considered individually in order to ensure that products certified by Energy Star are tailored to meet the different energy requirements demanded by local weather and climate conditions.

The Energy Star Rating Criteria For Michigan

Replacement window ratings are set in terms of U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) ratings. The particular values required for a replacement window to obtain the Energy Star rating in the Michigan area are shown in the table below:

Product Type U-Factor / U-Value SHGC
Windows A Value Less Than 0.31 Any Value
Windows A Value Of 0.31 A Value Greater Than 0.34
Windows A Value Of 0.32 A Value Greater Than 0.39

Annual Savings On Your Energy Bills In Michigan

As mentioned above, installing Energy Star replacement windows offers benefits in terms of both initial cost and the overall savings you’re likely to make on home energy bills. Shown in the table below are the current annual energy savings by City in the state of Michigan. These values shown are based on savings for each single and double paned window in your home:

City Of Michigan Single Pane Saving Double Pane (Clear Glass) Saving
Detroit $370 $156
Grand Rapids $395 $171
Houghton $440 $182

Offers & Rebates On Replacement Windows In Michigan

From time to time you will find that local retailers in the Michigan state area will offer sales tax exceptions, rebates and credits for Energy Star rated products. When available you will be able to find offers and rebates here.

Local Retailers Offering Energy Star Replacement Windows In Michigan

The following retails distribute to, or sell Energy Star rated replacement windows within the Michigan state area.

Company Name Address
Lowe’s Home Improvement Online Only
Menard, Inc. Online Only
Pella Window & Door Store 5090 W Remus Rd. Mount Pleasant, MI 48858-9616
Ward Building Products, Inc.  9700 Gratiot Rd. Saginaw, MI 48609
Pacesetter Corporation 6296-1 Bridgeport Village Square Dr. Bridgeport, MI 48722

This list is constantly being updated and if you would like to see your store/company featured below then please feel free to contact us.

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