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The Andersen window company was founded over 100 years ago in 1903 by a Danish immigrant called Hans Andersen. The Andersen corporation has grown from a small family business into an international enterprise which employs more than 9.000 people has has in excess of 20 locations with worldwide sales. It’s current headquarters is located within Minnesota.

Andersen has a massive product catalogue which includes new build windows, replacement windows, storm doors, general doors, accessories and replacement parts for existing windows and doors. Many people have Andersen windows installed and our list of growing Andersen window reviews gives you an idea of how happy people were with their product and service.

In particular Andersen windows produce a wide range of window types which include casement, double-hung, single-hung, awning, speciality, bow, bay, gliding and picture windows as well as many more. The majority of these types of window include Andersen’s well known Low-E glass which vastly improves the overall thermal protection of your home, just make sure you see the “E” logo on the Andersen product image.

Andersen windows can be further divided into 4 main series which include the A-series (Architectural), the 100-series, 200-series and 400 series windows, Andersen also have a range of speciality windows to compliment their main window range. As a general rule of thumb you will find that the A-Series are the most expensive and the 100-Series are the least expensive. However, you will also find that with the A-Series you have the largest range of interior, exterior, glazing and finishing options available to you.

Andersen Window Prices & Range

Andersen window prices are wide and varied depending on the type & size of window you opt for as well as the finishes you choose to have. Read our replacement window costs guide to help you understand a breakdown of costs involved with replacement windows, or get a set of FREE replacement window quotes.

The prices below give you a general overview of the price ranges for the main Andersen window types by series. Note that these prices do not include the cost of window installation, however we have included an overview of what the average window installation cost per unit would be at the industry average of 30% per unit.


 Andersen Average Window Prices By Type
Andersen Casement Windows Base Price Per Unit Average Installation Per Unit (30%)
A-Series Casement Windows FREE No Obligation Quote
400 Series Casement Windows $391 $117.30
100 Series Casement Windows $278 $83.40
Architectural Casement Windows $1,009 $302.70
Andersen Awning Windows Base Price Per Unit Average Installation Per Unit (30%)
A-Series Awning Windows FREE No Obligation Quote
400 Series Awning Windows $422 $126.60
100 Series Awning Windows $324 $97.20
Andersen Double-Hung Windows Starting Price Per Unit Average Installation Per Unit (30%)
A-Series Double-Hung Windows FREE No Obligation Quote
400 Series Double-Hung Windows $395 $118.50
200 Series Double-Hung Windows $271 $81.30
100 Series Double-Hung Windows $223 $66.90
Andersen Gliding Windows Starting Price Per Unit Average Installation Per Unit (30%)
400 Series Gliding Windows $927 $278.10
200 Series Gliding Windows $330 $99
100 Series Gliding Windows $253 $75.90
Andersen Picture Windows Starting Price Per Unit Average Installation Per Unit (30%)
A-Series Picture Windows FREE No Obligation Quote
400 Series Picture Windows $201 $60.03
200 Series Picture Windows $159 $47.70
100 Series Picture Windows $203 $60.90
Andersen Bow & Bay Windows Starting Price Per Unit Average Installation Per Unit (30%)
400 Series Bay Windows $1565 $469.50
400 Series Bow Windows $2032 $609.60
200 Series Bay Windows $1695 $508.50


Andersen Windows Reviews

8 thoughts on “Andersen Window Reviews

  1. We were lucky enough to be able to afford Andersen windows for our new home and we can’t say enough good things about them. We managed to get a good deal buying the 200 series windows and went for the basic upgrades to the window finishes which didn’t cost us that much more.

    We recommend going through all of the options yourself and not making a final decision on the spot. Once you’ve spoken to the salesman make sure you go away and look through your price options.

  2. I used Andersen windows for a small window replacement job last month and so far have found their products to be top quality. I guess only time will tell if the windows stand up to the test of time but so far so good.

    We fitted them ourselves so can’t really comment on their service quality.

    Would I recommend them? Yes, I would.

  3. We went to Andersen based upon advice and feedback we’d had from our friends. The salesman was surprisingly nice and we felt that rather than pushing us into buying windows he actually offered sound advice to us about the windows which might best fit our needs.

    We were generally happy with the installation process and sales process that Andersen offered and everything went pretty smoothly.

    A few months after though one of the handles on our front casement window snapped off. We weren’t too impressed and contacting Andersen straight away. Within 12 hours they had sent someone out to repair the window for us, they couldn’t have been more helpful and assured us of the window quality. It’s been a further 18 months since we had windows installed and they’ve been perfect.

    We’ve since recommended Andersen to our own family and friends despite the one problem we had. At the time we felt Andersen dealt with it sensitively and promptly, just as you would expect.

    Big thumbs up to Andersen.

  4. My husband and I recently had four replacement windows supplied and installed by Andersen windows. There were straightforward casement window installations, nothing complex like a bay, but all in all everything went well.

    We ended up purchasing high energy efficient windows based on some information we read on your site and on the information provided by the salesman.

    The window contractors came on the Tuesday to fit the four windows and they were done within a few hours.

    The windows look great, the locks work perfectly and our neighbours were impressed with the look and feel the new windows give.

    When we were choosing our new windows, it was a mix up between Andersen and Certainteed, I’m pleased we went with Andersen.

    Betty (South Carolina)

  5. I’ve heard good and bad reviews for Andersen but our experience was relatively good overall.

    We had a full set of new home windows installed by the company, two of the windows ended up developing faults (I suppose out of 15 windows that’s not too bad). Andersen were quick to sort the problems out for us free of charge.

    The windows we had installed were from the Andersen 400 series window range, which is sort of middle of the road as far as their windows go. Overall they look good and they have made our home warmer.

  6. We recently had several of our own windows replaced in our holiday home down south. Andersen were one of four main quotes we took and they were the cheapest out of the four. We had 3 new 100-series casement windows and 3 100-series picture fixed frame windows. We were perfectly happy with all aspects of the window replacement process including the window products.

    We’ve since recommended Andersen to some of our friends.

  7. We bought a couple of window replacements from Andersen, within a few weeks one of the cranks broke, Andersen replaced it for us free of charge and then 2 months later it broke again.

    Andersen told us it was a faulty unit but we wondered how this could happen on two occasions within such a small amount of time.

    We were happy that Andersen quickly helped us to resolve the issue but in all honestly we felt it shouldn’t have happened once, let a lone twice.

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