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Our Replacement Windows Directory of Resources is made up of websites which we find ourselves when researching the web. This list of resources includes ones which we have found particularly helpful or which we think will be particularly useful for you when you’re going through the process of replacing your windows.

However, from time to time readers of our website will submit resources to us which they think will be helpful to our reader base.

If you have a resource which you believe will be useful to the reader base at “Windows Price Guides” then you can submit it through the form below. However, before including your website we have to make sure it adheres to our list of strict inclusion criteria, this criteria is in place to ensure that we list only the most relevant and complete online resources.

Directory Inclusion Criteria

In order to be considered for inclusion in our resource directory your website MUST:

  • Be reviewed manually by a member of our review team.
  • Be fully completed, live and receiving traffic, we will not accept websites which are incomplete or under construction.
  • Be related to window replacement or DIY,
  • Contain unique, informative quality content.
  • NOT be an adult related website.

We reserve the right at all times to reject a website based on the above criteria and our own strict quality guidelines.

We will review your website within 3-7 working days, if it’s reviewed and accepted for submission you will receive an email from our review team as well as an invoice requesting the annual listing fee of $49.95. Once the payment has been made and confirmed your website will be published into our resource directory.

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