How Do You Know When To Replace Windows In Your Home?

Replacing windows in your home can be an expensive project and furthermore it can create a lot of mess, for that reason you want to make sure that your windows do need replacing first. Once you’ve assessed if your windows need replacing then you can get an idea of the window replacement cost using our window pricing guide.

But what’s the best way to assessĀ if your windows need replacing?

The remainder of this replacement window guide will aim to provide you with the main factors to look for when deciding if your home windows require replacement, or just a little more TLC.

There are several things you can look for and questions you can ask when trying to assess if your home windows require replacement, these include the following:

Do you require more privacy in your home?

If you have certain rooms within your home that are overlooked by passers-by or by the neighbours then you may need more privacy. The bathroom is a prime example of this. This can be achieved by having frosted panes of glass in your windows instead of the standard window panes. This often won’t require an entire window replacement and can be achieved by just replacing the glass, however depending on how old your window is then it may actually be worthwhile replacing the entire window.

Do you have a lot of outside noise coming into your home?

If you live on a busy street or you have a lot of outside noise from elsewhere surrounding your home then you’ll notice it unless you have good insulated windows to block it out. Replacing your windows with ones that have laminated glass and more than just a single pane is a great way to reduce noise transmission into your home.

Do your windows open and shut easily?

If you’re windows are hard to open or hard to close after you’ve opened them, this is an indication that there’s something wrong. Without having an expert look at your windows it’s impossible to say whether it needs replacing or not, however it’s a possibility that the window or parts of the window hardware do need replacing.

Does your window(s) get condensation on the inside?

On a double or triple glazed window having condensation on the inside of the window itself is a good indication of seal failure, this is something which is common in older construction double and triple glazing. In this instance you may need to replace the glass or if it’s an older window then you may need to replace the entire window unit.

How many panes of glass does your window have?

If your window panes are single glazed then you’re likely to have a myriad of problems including lack of noise insulation, high energy bills and poor home security. Replacing your windows for double or triple glazed windows will often reduce your overall energy bills, improve home comfort, improve your home security and add value to your home.

Can you see light coming through the window frame?

If you stand outside your window and get someone to shine light around the perimeter of the frame can you see the light coming through? If you can then this is an indication of seal failure and your windows may need replacing.

If any of the above points have indicated that your windows may need replacing and you’d like to get an idea of the cost, then visit our replacement windows cost page or get a set free no-obligation quotes from your local window companies using our window cost estimator page

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