Replacement Windows & Installation Cost By Window Type

Establishing the replacement cost of windows for your home can be difficult to do accurately without using a windows cost estimator or by getting a quote from a qualified contractor. However, we have provided you with a range of prices below for the main types of replacement windows. These costs vary in their range because they are established from multiple manufacturers who have different window materials as well as various options including materials, glazing, size and extras.

Nonetheless, the following prices should give you an overall idea of the cost you’re likely to expect. If you would like 3 instance no obligation quotes though, from qualified window contractors, then give our simple to use cost estimator a go today, it’s completely FREE and really easy to use.

In Detail: Average Window & Installation Cost By Type

Single Hung Sash Window

Single Hung Replacement Windows Cost

Single hung windows are used most often singularly or as part of a bay window setup. The single hung ones are the ones which have at least one sash that moves up and down in a sliding movement. The single hung window is less common than the double hung variety, but they do cost less to replace.

Single Hung Window Cost – $100 to $200 per unit
Single Hung Window Installation Cost – $75 to $150 each


Duble Hung Sash WindowDouble Hung Replacement Windows Cost

Double hung windows are most often seen as part of a bay window setup these days, although you will see them used as a single window on older style properties. The double hung variety of window is one which has two movable parts, better known as sashes. These sashes slide up and down to allow the window to open.

The cost below does give you a pretty accurate idea of the kind of price you may end up paying for a double hung window, however just one thing to keep in mind is that whilst these window prices are accurate there are architectural double hung windows which run into the thousands of dollars to buy.

Double Hung Window Cost – $200 to $600 per unit
Double Hung Window Installation Cost – $100 to $200 each


Casement WindowCasement Replacement Windows Cost

Casement windows are often seen as part of a larger window setup, particularly on flat windows where a bay or bow window setup wouldn’t be possible for whatever reason.

Casement windows have hinges to the left or right hand side of the window and a handle on the opposite side, this allows the window to be opened outwards or very occasionally inwards.

Whilst the cost below reflects the average prices you’ll pay, if you were to buy an architectural casement window then you’d be looking to pay well in excess of $2000 for that.

Casement Window Cost – $200 to $500 per unit
Casement Window Installation Cost – $75 to $250 each

Bay WindowBay Replacement Windows Cost

Bay windows are always going to be your most expensive window replacement no matter where you shop, the reason for this is that they have the most windows in the setup and are often the most complex to install. In a bay window the cost is related more to the size of the bay than the type of windows you choose, the bigger the bay the more windows there are to install and so the costs begin to go up.

In general a bay window setup will be made up from between 3 and 5 casement, single or double hung windows and are popular along the large windows of homes, particular living areas and bedrooms since they allow a lot of light into the room. As previously mentioned a bay window cost will depend mainly upon the size and therefore the number of windows within it, however the following are some average prices you should expect to pay.

Bay Window Cost – $1000 to $2500 per unit
Bay Window Installation Cost – $500 to $1000 each

Bow WindowBow Replacement Windows Cost

Bow windows are very similar to bay windows, the main difference is that rather than having sharp angles bow windows are installed in a gentle curved configuration. They are usually made up from 4-6 casement windows rather than single or double hung windows more commonly seen in the bay window configuration.

Just like bay windows the bow windows are generally used to allow lots of light into a room and for that reason are often used on larger rooms such as big bedrooms, sitting and dining rooms.

Between bay and bow configurations you are always going to pay more for a bow window setup.

Bow Window Cost – $1000 to $2500 per unit
Bow Window Installation Cost – $500 to $1000 each

Awning WindowAwning Replacement Windows Cost

Awning windows are less commonly seen in domestic properties and more seen in commercial properties such as schools and buildings, however there are areas where they can serve a purpose in your home. The location they are installed within the home will usually be where aesthetics aren’t of big importance to you, this will usually be in a downstairs bathroom or cloakroom.

Owing to their size, Awning windows aren’t usually that expensive to buy or to install.

Awning Window Cost – $320 to $550 per unit
Awning Window Installation Cost – $100 to $200 each

Fixed Frame WindowFixed Frame Replacement Windows Cost

Fixed frame windows, also known as picture windows are just that, fixed. Fixed frame windows don’t offer any type of movement and are simply installed into a fixed frame, they cannot be opened. Generally, you will find that the fixed window will be used in conjunction with other window set ups, such as the bay or bow window configuration.

Because of their simplicity you will often find that fixed frame windows are somewhat cheaper than casement, single or double hung windows.

Fixed Frame Window Cost – $200 to $650 per unit
Fixed Frame Window Installation Cost – $100 to $200 each

Slider WindowSliding Replacement Windows Cost

Sliding windows, or gliding windows, are now seen less commonly in homes as they are less aesthetically pleasing than other replacement window alternatives. Sliding windows are similar to casement windows in that they are made up from a single frame and single pane of glass, however they differ in the way that they open. Sliding windows slide to the left or right to allow the window to open, whilst casement windows crank outwards on their hinge.

Sliding windows are particularly useful where you have less space such as where a window is opening onto a walkway or if you are restricted by certain permits.

Sliding windows though are no more complex than casement windows and the price reflects that.

Sliding Window Cost – $250 to $950 per unit
Sliding Window Installation Cost – $75 to $250 each


At A Glance: Average Window & Installation Cost By Type

The following table provides a quick overview of the average window replacement cost by window type including wholesale and installed prices.

Types Of Replacement Window Average Price Per Unit Average Installation Price Per Unit
Single Hung Windows    $100 to $200 $75 to $150
Double Hung Windows $200 to $600 $100 to $200
Casement Windows $200 to $500 $75 to $250
Bay Windows $1000 to $2500 $500 to $1000
Bow Windows $1000 to $2500 $500 to $1000
Awning Windows $320 to $550 $100 to $200
Fixed Frame Windows $200 to $650 $100 to $200
Sliding/Gliding Windows & Doors $250 to $950 $75 to $250

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