Control Replacement Windows Cost Through 4 Main Factors

The overall cost of replacing windows can be between $5,000 – $10,000 for the average home and it will take a large part of a household’s savings to pay for it, it’s for that reason you avoid paying more than you need to when it comes to replacement windows.

So, in order to avoid paying too much you need to control the four main things which will contribute most to the window replacement cost:

  1. The type of replacement windows you choose
  2. The type of replacement window panes you choose
  3. The number of windows you have installed
  4. The contractors installation cost

The Type Of Windows You Choose

The three most popular types of replacement window materials are vinyl, wood and aluminium, although aluminium is starting to be widely phased out in residential dwellings.

Vinyl windows will usually be the cheapest depending on which frame, glass and type you choose. The cheapest of all the vinyl windows will be the casement window owing to its overall simplicity, but this won’t be suitable for all parts of your home. The most expensive vinyl windows are often the bay and bow windows, these will often cost between $700 – $2000 depending again on the size, style and glass you have installed. The easiest way to save money is to buy cheaper windows where aesthetics is less of an issue, there’s little point having great looking windows where no-one is going to see them.

The Type Of Window Panes You Buy

The cost of replacement glass panes is affected by many factors and so is the type of glass you choose for your replacement windows. The main factors affecting the cost will be the following 3 things:

  1. If you choose single or double glazed glass
  2. If you choose to have a low-emissivity coating applied
  3. If you choose to have window tinting added

Now, the most expensive window panes will be the ones which have all of the above, in other words they would be double glazed, low-e glass with tinting added. However, because all of these energy-saving elements have been added into place then you would reduce your overall energy bills owing to better insulation. So it’s really a case of weighting up the pro’s and con’s of the more expensive pains.

The Number Of Windows Installed

Obviously you can’t really change the number of windows you need for your home, you will always have a fixed number you need to replace. However, it may be possible for you to have insert replacement windows rather than full frame replacement windows installed in certain areas of your home. This can save you around 40% off the cost of the bill for the insert replacements which is quite significant, you just need to look at the comparison of insert vs full replacement windows.

The Contractor Installation Cost

Contractor costs for window removal and re-installation will contribute to around 30% of your total window replacement estimate, in order words if a window replacement costs you $900 then the installation cost will usually be around $200 – $300.

You can reduce this cost by shopping around and ensuring that you get several free no-obligation quotes. Also make sure you do your home work when it comes to choosing a window contractor.

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