Are Single Hung Windows More Costly Than Double Hung Windows?

Cost of replacing windows is everything when it comes to making a decision about the window type, material and number you’re going to purchase, that’s why it’s important to understand the differences between the main types of windows, both in terms of window cost and functionality.

Previous guides have covered the cost of single hung vs casement windows, however the remainder of this windows price guide will aim to identify the main differences, both cost wise and aesthetically, between single hung and double hung replacement windows.

As you may already be aware there are many different types of windows as well as a few different materials to choose from, however two highly popular window types amongst traditional homes are the single hung and double hung sash window. But what’s the difference and which one is more costly?

The Cost & Construction Of Single Hung Sash Windows

A single hung sash window is a traditional window which is commonly seen in traditional homes from the 1920’s and 1930’s. Originally the window would have been made from wood however, whilst wood windows are still available to buy, vinyl sash windows are beginning to become more popular in replacement projects.

A sash window is one in which there is a single movable window pane, referred to as the main sash, this sash will move in and upward and downward motion or in a inward and outward motion. Which you choose is really down to your own personal preference.

The cost of single hung windows is dependant usually on three main things, it’s size, the material and the company you purchase it from. In general though many companys don’t supply single hung windows any more, as double hung have become far more popular in replacement and new build projects.

The Cost & Construction Of Double Hung Sash Windows

Double hung, just like single hung windows, are used mainly in traditional homes or in new build homes where the builder is aiming for a traditional look and feel. In general, double hung are far more popular and readily available than their single hung counterpart.

The main reason a double hung sash window is far more popular than the single hung alternative is that the double hung windows have two moveable elements. Essentially with a double hung window the top pane and the bottom pane can move in either a vertical motion or a horizontal motion, this allows more light and more air into a room.

Which Is More Expensive?

The complexity of the design with a double hung window makes the cost of the double hung window slightly more than the cost of a single hung window. Of course the cost can still be affected by the size of the window, the material and the company, but as a rule of thumb you’ll expect to pay less for a single hung window over a double hung.

If you’re looking for an accurate price quote for a single or double hung window(s) then you can get a set of free quotes from qualified contractors in your area using our cost estimator.

Benefits Of Double Hung Vs Single Hung

In general you will find that although single hung are cheaper than double hung windows, the double hung window replacement is far more popular than the single hung window replacement and this is because the double hung has several main benefits over the single hung. The main benefits of a double hung window include being energy efficient, cost effective, versatile and easy to clean, particular in comparison to single hung windows.

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