Are High Performance Windows Worth The Price?

high performance windowsWhen looking at replacement windows one of the first things your window salesman is going to try to do is sell you the higher performance replacement windows. When we had a window quote, I thought exactly the same as you’re probably thinking I.e. the salesman will always try to sell you the more expensive windows to make more money. Of course, to a certain degree that would be correct because the replacement cost of high performance products can often be double that of the standard windows. However are there really any benefits to buying high performance replacement windows?

The remainder of this Windows Price Guides article aims to provide you with a thorough and concise overview of the major benefits associated with high performance home replacement windows.

What Are High Performance Replacement Windows?

So the first thing to ask is what’s considered to be a high performance replacement window? A high performance window is one which has all or most of the following characteristics:

  1. A high u-factor rating
  2. A low solar heat gain coefficient
  3. A high visible transmittance
  4. A high condensation resistance

To fully understand what’s considered “high” and what’s considered to be “low” then check out our replacement window ratings guide which covers all of these things in far more detail, including the average value ranges.

What Are The Benefits Of High Performance Replacement Windows?

There are six major benefits associated with high performance windows, these include the following:

  • The reduction of ultra violet damage
  • The reduction of noise/sound transmission
  • A greater amount of daylight
  • The reduction of condensation formation
  • Improved warmth and comfort
  • Savings on energy bills

The Reduction Of UV Damage

High performance windows will often come complete with low-e glass fitted as standard, low-e glass, or low-emissivity coated glass, has a metallic oxide coating to it which will reduce the amount of UV transmission by up to 75% as well as reducing other solar radiation.

The Reduction Of Noise Transmission

Thicker glass in higher performance windows means that the noise transfer is reduced significantly, making rooms in which the windows are installed a lot quieter. These are particular useful if you live in a busy area or on a main street where noise maybe a problem or concern for you.

A Greater Amount Of Daylight

More window space means more light and with higher performance windows the panes can be installed in much larger dimensions. In open plan spaces this makes the light pour into the space in which they’ve been installed.

Reduction In Condensation Formation

Double glazed panes of glass are separated by a non-combustible gas which provides insulation, however it also provides a mean to reduce the condensation formation on the windows. Higher performance windows have better seals to keep these gas from leaking and creating a warmer interior surface which creates a good environment for reduced condensation.

Improved Comfort

It goes without saying that if the temperatures in your home are controlled then you are more likely to be more comfortable. Better windows will insulate your home better and things such as window tinting, low-e glass and double glass aim to keep the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the warmer months.

A Greater Saving On Energy Bills

Whilst low-e coatings, gas fills, double panes and window tinting may increase the cost of window panes it can also significantly reduce your home energy bills. In the winter you use less heating due to better insulation and so your heating costs are lower, in the summer you use less air conditioning because you’re window reflect the heat and UV rays.

So are high performance windows any good? In short, yes they are and they’re probably worth having for the long term benefits however you need to be aware that glazing options such as triple glazed windows won’t always decrease your energy bills – read our guide on triple glazing replacement windows. However the price of high performance windows will be far more than that of standard windows and at a premium of close to 50% over, can you really afford the higher performance windows?

When you get an estimate make sure that the window salesman gives you the replacement price and the window installation cost of both the standard fit and the high performance fit replacement windows. Don’t get fooled by only getting the more expensive quotation.

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