Are Casement Windows More Expensive Than Picture Windows?

The cost of any product is usually the biggest deciding factor of whether you buy it or not, this is no different when you’re looking at purchasing replacement windows for your home. The overall cost will determine the type, number, make and quality of windows you’re able to purchase.

There are several types of replacement window you can choose from, the main ones are covered in our window types section of the windows price guide. Two of the most popular windows used in new construction and replacement window projects are casement windows and picture windows, also referred to as fixed frame windows. Picture and casement windows are often used as a single installation and as part of multiple installations including bays and bow window configurations. So from that premise it’s safe to say that the casement and the picture window type are probably two of the most used window replacement types you’ll find.

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The Average Cost Of Casement Replacement Windows

Casement windows are a single square window which usually has hinges to one side of the window frame, allowing the window to open. When a casement is fitted horizontally it is known as a awning window rather than a casement window.

One of the major benefits with casement windows over other window types such as single hung windows, is that they are very easy to operate indeed, meaning that they can be opened in tight spaces such as over sink units. The most common place you’ll see a casement window used is on the left and the right hand side of a bow or bay window configuration.

The average price of casement windows is between $200 and $500, this excludes installation. After adding on the average 30% installation cost the average cost including installation climbs to $275 – $750.

The Average Cost Of Picture/Fixed Frame Replacement Windows

Picture windows, also known as fixed frame replacement windows, are almost identical to casement windows in every way except that they don’t open.

Picture windows allow lots of light into the room, making them a popular cheap option when it comes to replacement windows. The main downside of the fixed window is the fact they don’t open and it’s for this reason they are often used in conjunction with the casement windows.

The average price of picture windows, or fixed frame windows, is usually between $200 and $650 excluding installation costs. If you buy one of these and have it installed then the cost will usually climb to between $300 and $850 including installation. The overall cost of these windows is dependant on several things, the main ones being the overall size of the window, the materials used and the type of glass you have installed.

So Which Is More Expensive?

On average you will find that a fixed frame picture window is going to work out more costly, which is surprising since it has no moving parts. However, people usually opt for picture windows because they allow more light in, this usually means they’re larger and therefore more expensive.

But if you bought two identical windows, one casement and one fixed frame then they would be of similar cost to each other to have them installed.

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