Are Bow Windows More Costly Than Bay Windows?

If you’re looking to replace the windows within your own property then one of the biggest factors dictating the decision made by owners is the overall replacement cost. The budget of your windows will control every decision you make.

There are a few main window types you can choose from, these including casement, picture, bay, bow, awning, sliding, single hung and double hung replacement windows. These are all available in a range of materials, the most popular ones being vinyl, wood and fibreglass. Bay and bow windows in particular are two of the most expensive windows you can buy in terms of cost, as we’ll explain in the remainder of this windows price guide.

In order for any home-owner to gain an accurate understanding of the total replacement cost you will need to get a set of window quotes from a few window contractors, we usually recommend at least 4. However overall you’ll usually find that bay and bow windows usually retail around the same price, it’s often the window installation cost which will increase the overall price.

The Cost Of Bay Replacement Windows

Bay replacement windows are a window configuration type rather than a type of replacement windows. Bay windows are often made up from casement windows, picture windows or a combination of the two. Casement windows are used in sections of the window where an opening window is required, since picture windows are not designed to open.

The bay window configuration are usually seen within the Victorian style homes, otherwise known affectionately as the “painted ladies”. The most popular type of bay window material will usually be the vinyl bay window, made up from multiple vinyl casement and picture windows.

The average cost of replacement bay windows excluding installation will range between $1000 and $2500. If you add professional window installation on top of that then you’re usually looking at an additional 30% on your bill, making the average cost of replacement bay windows including installation around $1500 to $3000.

The Cost Of Bow Replacement Windows

Bow replacement windows are very similar in set-up to the bay window replacements, they too are made up from a series of casement and picture windows. The main difference is the angle at which the windows are installed. Each bay and bow window configuration will consist of a minimum of 3 individual windows and can increase to as many as you like, depending on the size of the window opening. Windows in a bow window are arranged in a curved arrangement whereas bays are arranged at between 30 and 45 degrees to each other.

The most popular type of bow window material, just like bay windows, is the vinyl window type, although fibreglass window are also quite popular.

The average cost of replacement bow windows usually sits around the same price as bay windows, between $1000 – $2500 excluding window installation and $1500 – $3000 including installation which is usually estimated at 30% of the total window cost.

However, beware, many window companies can charge up to 500% extra for window installation so you we’d recommend that you get several free quotes through our free window cost calculator, this will give you a far better chance of achieving the best quote.

So Which Is More Expensive?

On average the prices of bay windows and bow windows are about the same if you have the same number of casement or picture windows in each, however this often doesn’t happen. Bow windows, owing to their angles, will usually require more windows in comparison to bay windows. So bow windows are often more costly than bay windows.

In addition to that, the cost of bow window installation may be slightly more due to the fact that the angles the windows are installed at are far smoother and a little more complex to achieve. It’s worth obtaining several free quotes from multiple contractors to give you a better idea of what your replacement window project is likely to cost.

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