A Guide To The Cost Of Replacement Bay Windows

Bay WindowBay windows are one of the most common kinds of window replacements for large window openings where the homeowner wants to allow large amounts of light into the space and to make the space feel much more open, the same is true of bow windows. However, due to the size of the bay windows and the number of windows in them, they are often quuite costly to replace, so how much are replacement bay windows? Providing a quote without the exact measurements is difficult, however we can give a guide to the price of bay windows.

The remainder of this Windows Price Guide will examine the cost of bay windows in detail, along with any likely variables which will affect the overall bay window cost. This will allow you to gain a good understanding on what you’re own bay replacement windows are likely to cost you.

The Cost Of Bay Windows At A Glance

The following window pricing table shows an overview of the average cost of a bay window, this is for a complete bay window unit consisting of 3-5 window sections. The prices shown below are for guidance only, if you’re looking for a specific price quote then use our free window cost calculator tool.

Table 1: Bay Window Prices

Window Replacement Type Window Prices Wholesale Window Prices Installed
Bay Windows (3-5 Window Sections) $1000 – $2,500 $1,500 – $3,500

Bay Window Price Calculator

So that we can provide you with a good overall quote of what you’re bay window replacements are likely to cost, we have a simple tool which allows you to fill in a few details and gain a quote from a local approved contractor near you. Before hiring any contractor and letting them into your home, we highly recommend visiting our window contractors section for advice on how to choose a window contractor.

How Does Our Bay Window Price Calculator Work?

All you need to do is visit our window quotes page and:

  1. Choose your number of windows – This can be changed when you speak with the contractor if the number you need isn’t listed
  2. Tell us the nature of your window project – We can offer quotes for replacement and repair of windows
  3. Tell us when you’d like to get this completed – This gives us an idea of how soon you need the work completing or if you’re just seeking a quote
  4. Tell us if you own your home – We need to know this to ensure we have permission to provide a quote, it’s for legal reasons
  5. Tell us your ZIP code – By giving us your ZIP code we can match a window contractor who’s local to you, rather than a large multi-national company

Once you’ve filled in the above details on our window quotes page, simply hit next and we’ll be able to take some contact details from you to send your quote over, this will usually be completed quickly, depending on the time of day you submit your quote request.

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