Comparison Of Replacement Window Costs, Types & Brands For Installed & Supply Only

Every home owner is always looking for any way to save a little money when it comes to home repairs. As the years go on it becomes much easier to look the other way when the time comes around for replacing major parts of a house. It can be costly and can leave the owner with a large bill that needs to be paid immediately.

While it may be tempting to put off home repairs, one repair that should never be put off or overlooked is window replacement. The cost of replacement windows can be a high price to pay, but when home owners do not catch the signs of window damage early or allow the damage to become prolonged, the final replacement windows cost per window can then become astronomical. Therefore, it is important to be well-informed about when windows need to be replaced and about what kind of expenses to expect when the time to buy new windows does come around.

Cost Comparison Of Window Replacement By Type

Window prices can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but another determining factor is the type of window. Here are some of the most common types of window, along with an average price that you can expect to pay. For a more accurate free local estimate, visit our windows cost calculator page.

Keep in mind that these prices are an average and can be a little higher or lower depending on market window pricing.

Cost By Window Type Excluding Installation

The following table below provides an overview of the average window replacement cost by window type, this excludes the installation cost usually added by the window installer. If you’re looking for a more accurate instant free quote then you can use our free window quotes tool.

Types Of Window Cost Breakdown Average Cost (Excluding Installation)
Single Hung Windows Single Hung Windows $100 – $200
Double Hung Windows Double Hung Windows $200 – $600
Casement Windows Casement Windows $200- $500
Bay Windows Bay Windows $1000 – $2500
Bow Windows Bow Windows $1000 – $2500
Awning Windows Awning Windows $320 – $550
Fixed Frame Windows Fixed Frame Windows $200 – $650
Sliding/Gliding Windows & Doors Sliding / Gliding Window $250 – $950
Basement Windows Basement Windows $260 – $650 


Cost By Window Type Including Installation

If you’re not interested in installing the windows yourself then the following table gives an overview of the window prices including average installation costs.

Types Of Window Cost Breakdown Average Cost (Including Installation)
Single Hung Windows Single Hung Windows $175 – $350
Double Hung Windows Double Hung Windows $300 – $800
Casement Windows Casement Windows $275 – $750
Bay Windows Bay Windows $1500 – $3500
Bow Windows Bow Windows $1500 – $3500
Awning Windows Awning Windows $420 – $750
Fixed Frame Windows Fixed Frame Windows $300 – $850
Sliding/Gliding Windows & Doors Sliding / Gliding Windows $325 – $1200
 Basement Windows  Basement Windows $200 – $500 

Cost Comparison Of Window Replacement By Manufacturer

The following table provides an overview to the most up to date replacement window prices and window reviews by manufacturer.

Window Manufacturers Window Prices Reviews
Anderson Windows Anderson Prices Anderson Window Reviews
Pella Windows Pella Prices Pella Window Reviews
CertainTeed Windows CertainTeed Prices  CertainTeed Window Reviews

Understanding Where Your Money Goes!

The reason that the replacement cost of windows can be so high (anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the home) is not just because of the price of the windows themselves, there are other costs to be taken into account when trying to figure out the total bill for window replacement.

Cost 1 – Contractor Fees

Replacing windows is not something that everyone can do. It seems like it would be simple, but there are many nuances to the job that make replacing windows off-limits to the average Do-It-Yourself’er. To get the job done correctly, it is best to hire a reputable window contractor. It is also best to shop around and obtain free quotes from at least five companies. Companies usually charge installation fees on a per window basis, and the rate changes with window types. After taking all these elements into account, costs can be anywhere from $50-$600 per window. This includes costs such as quoting and measuring along with the installation.

Cost 2 – The Cost Of Individual Window Units

Window costs vary depending on what kind of windows are needed. On average, home owners can expect to pay somewhere between $300 and $1000 dollars per window. Obviously though these prices just an estimate, and can go even higher for higher quality windows. Window type also makes a difference. A single hung or double hung window is going to be much cheaper than a bow-window or a bay window would be. Also, if the windows being purchased have double or triple glazing, the price will go up.

Take a look at our quick comparison table above for a basic overview of average window unit prices, just click on the window type to see a more accurate cost breakdown of a particular replacement window type or get a set of free window quotes for your home.

Cost 3 – Optional Extras

There are also many other accessories and extra parts that can be installed along with the windows. Here are some of the more popular ones

Sashes – Window sashes are very common and occur on just about any window that slides, especially single and double hung windows. The average cost of having a contractor replace a window sash is about $415. At home kits are not much less, about $325 on average.

Window Sills – Window Sills are fairly easy to replace and are some of the lowest cost items. Replacing a window sill without a contractor usually costs in the range of $35. If a contractor is installing it, expect to pay about an extra $10-$15 at most.

Glazing – As mentioned before, buying glazed windows will definitely raise the price of the window. However, some people opt to get old windows re-glazed as well. This can cost anywhere from $100-$700 per window. Many contractors do not do window re-glazing and will recommend simply buying a whole new window, given the price.

Interior & Exterior Colors – There are a variety of different window finishes you can choose from. Interior finishes include things like wood, vinyl, painted or varnish finishes which can add to the overall effect of your window.

Grill Patterns – The grill pattern is that seen within the glass itself and makes the glass appear as if it’s been divided up into smaller parts. There are several patterns, materials and methods of fitting for these which will adjust the overall cost. Generally the grills come in wood, vinyl and lead based finishes and will vary in width and depth depending on your own preference. The grills can be installed in 3 main ways:

  • Installed in between the glass
  • Installed as interior removable grills
  • Installed as interior removable grills with permanent exterior grills
  • Installed as interior permanent grills with permanent exterior grills
  • Installed as interior permanent grills with permanent exterior grills with an additional spacer


When Do You Need To Replace Your Windows?

The main reason that windows need to be replaced, simply put, is time. Even though it may not seem like it, windows stand up to a lot of punishment over the years. After years of expanding and contracting with high and low temperatures, keeping out inclement weather such as rain and snow, and standing up to heavy winds, any window will begin to wear down. The most common reasons to replace windows are usually pretty obvious. Usually there is some sort of rot surrounding the windows, or there a seal has broken somewhere and a draft is noticeable. Even if home owners do not actually feel the draft, may will notice that there is a problem due to a significant increase in heating and cooling costs.

Other reasons for replacement can be as simple as a broken window or a cracked window from an accidental impact.Another problem that may be less noticeable to the untrained eye is if the window panes have been exposed to extremely high and/or extremely low temperatures. This can cause the glass to warp and create air leaks. If glass warps on a double paned window, then it can cause the sealed space between the two panes to break, allowing for an air leak. An easy way to tell if a double paned window’s seal has broken is by touching the inside pane. The inside pane of a double paned window should never be really hot or cold. If it is, this means the seal has broken and heat and/or cold is getting transferred through the panes.

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