A Guide To Choosing Your Home Replacement Window Contractors

Replacing the windows in your home is one of the things you can do to save energy and ultimately cut down on your energy bills and costs, in this climate of financial hardship that’s something which a lot of people are trying to do.

Whilst you can certainly have a go and installing your own replacement windows, it’s always advisable to get a qualified window contractor to do the job if your finances can stretch that far. So to prevent you wasting any of that hard-earned cash, we’ve put together some of our own useful tips and guides when it comes to choosing your window contractor.

  • Ask your family and friends for advice on their experiences
  • Decide yourself on which windows you want replaced before calling in a contractor
  • Look out for special offers
  • Don’t stay with just one quote

Ask Your Family & Friends

If you have family or friends who you know have had their windows replaced recently then ask them who did the quotation and the installation for them, also ask them how pleased they were with the work and whether they would recommend them. It’s also sometimes worth contacting the window contractor directly and asking them if they arrange discounts for families or friends, the worst they can say is no.

Once you’ve found a few contractors it’s time to investigate a little further. All contractors will be governed by certain laws, insurances, certificates and requirements, it’s worth finding out what your state requires and whether the contractor you’re considering has those essential requirements before going any further. After all, it’s a reputable and qualified contractor that you’re looking for.

On last thing to do before you sign on the dotted line is make sure you’ve obtained references for previous work(s), make sure the contractor knows you are going to ask for this prior to starting work and that they are happy to provide it. Any contractor who cannot provide references should be avoided at all costs.

Decide Which Windows To Replace

Before you go ahead and get a quotation you need to get an idea of which windows or doors you want to replace, this will give contractors a much better understanding of exactly what it is you’re looking for. If you have windows in your home which are a potential problem, such as one which lets in cold air or lets in water, then be sure to highlight this as a “priority replacement”. If necessary, make a short list with all of your basic requirements on.

Look Out For Special Offers

Replacing your windows throughout your home can be a very costly task, so looking around for reductions and rebates can be a great way of reducing the overall cost of the work. In particular there are two main methods for reducing your costs:

  • Look out for the seasonal sales from the bigger window manufacturers, these often happen at the start of the summer season when more people are looking at replacing their windows. So check out local news, TV and newspaper ads for great deals such as “buy one get one free”.
  • Look into government rebates such as the “replacement window tax credits” scheme with Energy Star approved window manufacturers, this can save you up to $200 off your replacement windows, that’s better than nothing. Our replacement window tax credits guide outlines the scheme in more detail.

Don’t Stay With Just One Quote

Like everything where you’re spending a considerable amount of money you don’t always go with the first quote you’re given, you usually go with the one you’re most comfortable with. For this reason it’s best to start with something like our online quotes, you can get 3 window replacement quotes in 20 seconds, giving you a good place to start from.

The quote you choose to go with shouldn’t and won’t always be the cheapest but it will usually be based on several factors including price but also including the outcome of your due diligence in relation to the contractor.

In conclusion, replacing your windows will probably one of the biggest costs associated with your home maintenance, it’s therefore important you choose carefully. Always take the above factors into consideration when choosing your windows but more than anything, always use your own common sense.

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