5 Things To Look Out For When Choosing Home Window Contractors

home window contractors

When you’re choosing your window contractor it’s essential that you keep a few things in mind before signing along that dotted line. The bill from your window contractor is likely to be a costly one if you’re having all of your windows replaced so it’s essential that you get the right one.

There are 5 main things you need to look for when choosing your replacement window contractor, 5 things which should ring alarm bells and maybe steer you away from a particular contractor. These are:

  • A contractor not having the correct licenses
  • A contractor not being a member of the correct industry association
  • A contractor using someone else’s work portfolio
  • A contractor providing you with a very expensive quotation
  • A contractor placing “add-ons” to the first quote

The Correct Contractor Licensing

Having the correct licensing when it comes to replacing your home windows is essential for any window contractor and it’s something you need to make sure you check for and ask for. If a contractor can provide you with the relevant certificates required for your particular state then you need to follow these up with the relevant authorities to find out if the certificates are real. You may be surprised to know that occasionally contractors who are out to scam you will try to provide you with a fake certificate, that’s why it’s important you don’t take it at face value.

Being A Member Of A Professional Body

Being a member of a professional body or organisation, suck as Energy Star or The Housing & Development Board is similar to having the correct license in place and again whatever the contractor provides you with must be checked against the correct governing board. Don’t just take it that because the contractor has provided you with their relevant paperwork that this is genuine proof of certification.

Providing Someone Else’s Portfolio As Proof Of Work

You may be surprised to know that contractors have been known to provide other people’s portfolio work as their own, this is the reason you should be asking for names and addresses for references and not just evidence of previous work completed by the contractor. Then take it upon yourself to contract a handful of the references and find out:

  1. What sort of work they had done, was is just a small job or a larger one?
  2. Were they happy with the price they were quoted?
  3. Did they end up paying any extras after the work was completed?
  4. Was the work completed in the time scale quoted?
  5. Would they recommend the contractor for your window replacement work?

Getting more than one opinion is important in case the work previously done was for a friend of the contractor or if they have some other form of affiliation with them.

Providing You With An Expensive Quotation

This is one of the most common ways to loose your hard earned money, if you end up paying far too much for work to be completed. For this reason, just like with references, it’s important that you get several quotes – this will usually be from 3 separate contractors. You can also get 3 free no-obligation quotes in under 20 seconds here
to get you started.

Having Extras Added To Your Quote

When you get your quote completed you need to make sure that you read through it very carefully and make sure that everything you need has actually been completed and nothing has been left out to be added later on as an addition.

You also need to make sure that this quote is final, if a window contractor tells you that they have to re quote for some reason then alarm bells should be ringing in your ears, unless that provide an extremely good reason for it. When the initial quote is completed the contractor should have visited your home before you sign any quote they provide over the phone or the Internet, then they shouldn’t need to re quote for any reason.

Choosing the right window contractor can be a bit of a mine field, it’s just important that you follow the steps above and use your common sense to avoid being overcharged or being the victim of a ruthless scam artist.

Do you have any suggestions when it comes to selecting the right window or DIY contractor? Leave them below.

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