About Us

Welcome to the Windows Price Guides website, this website is something which Benjamin Johnston (current Webmaster & owner of Windows Price Guides – contact him) started out as a hobby a short while back as a place to provide helpful tips, guides and information about home window replacement. In that short period our guide has become one of the main “hubs” for home owners looking for information on their own window replacement projects.


On our website you will be able to find out and read up on all the main subjects and topics surrounding home replacement windows, with comprehensive and up to date content bought to you by industry experts like us, specific to all major states of the USA.

So if you’re looking for expert information on window replacements then Ben and his team at Windows Price Guides aim to provide you with just what you require.

If you are an industry expert and would like to contribute to our growing resource then feel free to drop us an email and tell us about yourself and how you can help, we’re always trilled to hear from other experts in the industry.

What Will You Learn At The Windows Price Guide?


 The replacement window types section of our website provides information about the types of windows currently available on the market, along with their main uses and any downsides associated with that particular window type.


 The replacement window materials section provides information about the kinds of materials available for window replacements, looking in particular at the positives, negatives and relative costs of each window material.

Cost & Prices

 Our window replacement costs section provides you with costing and price information for all main window types including costs relating to installation, supply only and specific manufacturer prices. We also provide you with information on how to ensure your budget goes as far as possible.

Installing Windows

 If you’re a keen DIY’er then our guide on installing replacement windows is for you, a concise section with videos and written tutorials on how to install replacement windows into your own home.


 The replacement window reviews section of our website offers window reviews for the main window manufacturers based on user experience, so you don’t have to choose a window supplier without first having understood the quality of service and product they offer.


 Our replacement window contractors section provides you with information about how to choose and select a replacement window contractor to complete your replacement window project. Choosing a contractor can be a nightmare and with the amount of money you’re spending it’s important to get it right, that’s where our contractor guides come in.


 If you’re fairly new to replacing home windows then our window glossary will provide you with a concise list of window terminology to help you get to grips with “window speak” and ensure you’re fully educated when it comes to talking to your replacement window contractor and understanding your project in detail.

Cost Calculator

Finally, our window cost calculator provides you with a fast and easy way of gaining several FREE window replacement quotes instantly without having to go to each contractor individually. These quotes often include the unit and installation price and all quotes come from approved and vetted contractors in your home town, so you don’t need to worry about being ripped off.