Prices & Consumer Guides For New & Replacement Windows

Welcome to the Windows Price Guide website, here in our small corner of the web we aim to provide you with concise, accurate and up to date information to enable you to carry out your window replacement project quickly, safely and within budget.

Window replacements these days are a necessity and not just something you choose to change on your home based upon curb appear alone. More and more homeowners are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious as well as being fully aware of their own rapidly rising energy bills. For these very reasons window replacements amongst US homes have continued to rise year upon year. However, the information available for consumers is often incomplete and sparse. It’s for this very reason that we created the Windows Price Guide to provide free and un-biased advice to homeowners across the U.S and Canada.

Our guide is broken down into several main sections which focus on types of replacement, installation, prices & costs invovled, and the main terminology associated with replacement windows and other factors such as energy efficiency.

So take the time to browse our main sections from the horizontal menu above, or read one of our latest expert guides from the list below.

Learning Guides & Sections

Single Hung Sash Window

Section 1: Types Of Window

There are many different types of window, understanding which one is which can be a challenge at first but by reading through our thorough guide to window types you will be able to quickly understand the in’s and out’s for the main types of new construction and replacement window.

replacement window tax creditsSection 2: Window Prices

Our “Windows Price” section has been broken down into several simple tables, in these tables we have provided the best prices for windows broken down into type & brand, for fully installed windows and supply only windows.

replacement window ratingsSection 3: Window Materials

Not only do windows come in various types but they also come in a range of materials including vinyl, fiberglass and wood. In this section we examine the main materials along with their advantages and disadvantages.

installing replacement windowsSection 4: Installing Your Own Windows

If you don’t want to pay a contractor to install your replacement window and you’re good at a bit of DIY then our concise guide will talk you through replacing a window unit step by step.

window contractorSection 5: Choosing A Contractor

Choosing a contractor to work on your home can be a bit of a risky business, that’s why we’ve put together a guide on how to choose your window contractor, what to look for and when to spot a cowboy.

1344416150_Text-DocumentSection 6: Getting An Estimate

Getting an estimate for your window project couldn’t be easier, simply give us a few simple details through our quotes page and we’ll provide you with a set of simple estimates in a matter of minutes.

Replacement WindowSection 7: Understanding Window Terms

Lost with terminology? No problem, our glossary section covers all of the main terms and phrases used in the world of windows, so you won’t be lost when talking to your contractor.

1393198473_calculatorSection 8: Free Window Estimates

Looking for free estimates on your new or replacement window project? Use our simple cost calculator to get a set of instant estimates from up to 8 pre-screened local contractors.